Nearly less than a century ago, there was hardly any protection for employees.Employees were treated miserably by the employers. Often employees were paid extremely low wages and they were made to work for extremely long hours. Mostly the working conditions were filthy and they were not paid compensation during accidents at job. The workers were denied of any kind of health insurance. Often children were subjected to employment abuse.

Once the period of Industrial Revolution entered America and Europe, several people left the rural areas and entered the cities in search of jobs in factories.As a result, the number of employees began to increase in all the factories.Eventually the government was left with no other option, but to step in and form the Modern Employment law to protect the rights of the employees.

Employment law is an important effort taken by the Government in order to protect our rights as human beings. Employment law ensures that employees work in a safe environment, are not overworked and are paid proper wages. In addition this law also ensures that no discrimination takes place in the work place in terms of caste, creed, religion, gender etc.