Lawyers, often uninterested to the group mentality, are starting to grip social networking and are noticing some returns. Progressive legal practitioners declare they are using social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in three main ways: to market themselves, to enhance communication with clients and further in order to boost an understanding of their clients' business relationships.

Law firm public relations consultant Elizabeth Lampert stated that most of these sites are household names whether or not you tweet, have a profile or have constructed a strong strength of "friends." Utilizing — or not utilizing— these technologies can speak a lot about the business person.

Since lawyers are trained to steer clear of risk from the beginning, attorneys and law firms are sluggish to get used to change.As a result, most lawyers are enjoying this change.
This is what some of the lawyers had to say with regard to their experience in social networking sites:

"I have clients and potential clients that don't send me mails any more; they only send me express messages using Twitter."

"I utilize these tools and services in order to comprehend the business that most of my clients are touching and are in."

"It's an incredible method to keep up with clients on an individual level — to know what's happening with their lives."