For the past year, there has been a stable evolution in Internet marketing for lawyers and everyone else. Towards the end of 2009, Google announced the beginning of real-time search. This is a great advantage to law firm marketers as news articles, blogs and web pages has a good chance of coming into sight on the actual results pages for your prospects searches. Google has also included data from publicly available Facebook pages and Twitter as part of the search result. Real time searching is inevitable at this stage and with the addition of the two top social media sites, it appears that Google is creating the pace for internet users.

Internet Marketing

The latest progress together with the superior frequency of Universal search results (that includes video, images and books), makes it more essential for law firm web marketers to build content that is more convincing and exceptional than the conventional web content of a couple of years ago . As today, legal firm websites are in a very competitive situation, and offer themselves well to breaking news, organization updates, and fresh in case law, legal marketers would be well served to utilize the following tactics:

*Create a Legal Firm Blog - Post the latest topics that are of interest to both clients and referring attorneys. Include keyword rich content and syndicate your blogs widely across the Internet.

*Create a Facebook Page with Appealing Content - Add images, videos and enable fans to fix appointments for free case evaluations by way of your page.

*Take Advantage of the Search Engine Giant Google - Use Google local so that you become visible on the local map for geo targeted key words that is applicable for your practice.

*Publish optimized Press Releases – Create highly professional Press Releases and publish to appropriate PR sites.

Several legal marketers are shifting towards the real time search bandwagon together with the rest of the Internet marketing universe. The initiation of this search capability provides a constructive way of being listed in the first few pages of search results when a client begins their investigation based on their need for legal assistance. On the contrary, staying on the top requires a steady ongoing basis,which requires tremendous effort.