A law targeted  to control illegal immigration is to take effect in the southwestern state of Arizona later the next month and it is creating controversy across the United States.Current public opinion polls indicate that a major portion of Americans, including those in Arizona, support this fresh law, that requires non-citizens to carry documents to prove  that they are in the United States legally.It also enforces Arizona police to question people if there is reason to believe they are not in the country legally.In Tucson, Arizona both sides in the debate suggest it is up to Washington to settle the immigration issue.
Immigration Law

The fresh immigration law has created protests throughout the United States and it is dividing the people of Tucson.The city is just around 100 kilometers from the U.S. border with Mexico.Also authorities say that at least around 40 percent of U.S. border crossing arrests exist in the Tucson region. More than 240,000 illegal migrants were taken in custody in there last year.

South of Tucson,on the border, people  complain of human and drug smuggling, of nuisances like trash left by those who cross the border illegally, and of violence.One of the residents stated that lack of action by the U.S. government prompted the state measure.