The fresh health reform law, the Affordable Care Act, will benefit for nearly  30 million women, a number that comprises around 15 million women who are uninsured, based on a new report issued by the Commonwealth Fund, a private health research firm in New York City.

Health Reform Law

Karen Davis, the Commonwealth Fund president stated that while women as a group are just as likely as men to be uninsured, they are more prone to have medical debt, bill problems, as well as have trouble getting insurance. This report comes as a great relief to all women who will now onwards be more likely to acquire the care they need with a reduced risk of incurring the exorbitant medical bills that have affected so many Americans.

Report author Sarah Collins,a vice president for affordable health insurance at the Commonwealth Fund stated that 17 million working-age women were uninsured in 2008, and 14.5 million women had such towering out-of-pocket costs that they were in actual fact under insured.She also added that considering the high unemployment rate, this number has probably increased.

The Affordable Care Act will have an enormous impact on women who are uninsured and large effects on women who are presently under insured.