A fresh law California SB242 (a.k.a the Social Networking Privacy Act) would necessitate social media networks like Facebook to permit parents access to their children’s accounts and enforce all privacy settings to their greatest level by default.

In addition, parents would also have the option to request that images or text be removed from any social network page, within 48 hours upon his or her request.

The new bill, that is introduced by by State Senator Ellen Corbett, would levy a fine on any social network company that failed to conform by the rules. Companies might have to pay fine as high as $10,000 per incident, in case the rules are not followed.

Obviously, the social networking companies, are fervently opposed to the law. Facebook representative Andrew Noyes in his reaction to the projected legislation has stated that this is a serious threat to Facebook’s business in California.

Inspite of the fact that children under 13 are forbidden from joining Facebook as per the site’s rules, several kids have created accounts in facebook by giving a fake date of birth.