Chemical Burn - A chemical burn occurs when the skin accidentally gets in contact with strong acids or alkaloids. The chemical will continue burn its way through the skin and deeper layers. 

Electrical Burn – An electrical burn occurs when live current passes through your body. The electricity will burn the skin and may even cause internal organ damage. 

Scald Burn - A scald burn is caused by hot liquids or steam. 

Thermal burn - Thermal burns happen due to contact with flames, steam, hot liquids, or excessively hot objects. Thermal burns may occur at home and more commonly with roofers and construction workers.

Legal remedy

The research by American Burn Association (ABA) claims that approximately 500,000 burn injuries are reported every year across the USA with a 94% survival rate.

Though no legal aid can restore for burn victims the loss of limbs or their pre-accident quality of life, suitable financial compensation can help them obtain crucial medical treatment, physiotherapy and lifetime support services.

There are several burn injury attorneys who have helped victims obtain compensation from those responsible for the burn accidents. They fight for the legal rights of burn injury victims through both negotiation as well as litigation. 

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