Civil litigation may be defined as a legal dispute between two or more contending parties and encompasses a variety of disputes including Landlord/Tenant, Personal injury, Intellectual property, Products liability, Medical malpractice, Real estate, Workmen compensation etc. Lawyers who practice civil litigation cases represent disputants partake in trials, hearings, arbitration's and mediation.

Civil law is distinct from criminal law which metes out punishments for the offenders. Before filing a civil litigation case, there are a few factors you need to consider such as -

·         Is there a better option than filing a civil litigation suit?

·         Whom and where and when you wish to sue?

·         Whether you have irrefutable information d to support your claim?

·         The cost of litigation

Please know that opting for a trial and having a judge hear your case and deliver verdict may be an expensive proposition. Before seeking a court case it would be prudent to consider other options, such as Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration.

Negotiation may be a good option as the contending parties can discuss the mutually acceptable steps they can take to end the dispute. Negotiation can be conducted directly between the two disputing parties or with the aid of lawyers acting on behalf of the parties.

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