At the Barton Law Firm, we understand that you work hard to support your family. In Houston, Texas that may mean working in the oilfield, offshore, or in a chemical plant. The Barton Law Firm has experience with all types of workplace and non-workplace burns. If you are burned at work, your injuries can range from the least severe burn to the most severe and life-threatening. Many home or vehicular incidents result in burns due to negligence or a product defect. 

Types of Burns :

First Degree Burn : First degree burns are the least serious. First degree burns are similar to the burns you may get when sunbathing or cooking in your kitchen. This type of burn only affects the outer layer of your skin.

Second Degree Burn : Second degree burns are much more serious. Second degree burns are caused when you come in contact with scalding water or liquids. You can also get second degree burns from fire, sudden explosions, or car accident fires.

Third Degree Burns – Third degree burns are extremely severe. Third degree burns are caused when you are in a building fire, chemical fire, radiation fire, electrical fire, or gas fire. They can also be caused when you come in contact with steaming or boiling liquids.

Fourth Degree Burns – Fourth degree burns are life-threatening and are the most severe. Fourth degree burns can be caused when you are in an extensive building fire or experience a high voltage electrical shock.

For more information on degrees of burns, visit our Degrees Of Burns page.

If you or your loved one has experienced a second, third, or fourth degree burn in your workplace, please contact our Burn Injury Lawyer Houston Texas an experienced lawyer won 3000 cases.