Feb 10, 2009

Bar Association

It is an organization consisting of lawyers formed in order to promote professional competence,maintain and enforce standards of ethics as well as to imbibe a spirit of service in the minds of the members of this association.

Bar associations attain their goals by providing consistent training through seminars and publications.In order to ensure that the lawyers are up-to-date with the latest information related to law,these seminars are usually based on recent developments. In additon,members of the bar are encouraged to provide (pro bono) free legal advice to those who are unable to afford the fees.

There are 2 types of bar associations.The official Integrated Bar associations as well as theunofficial voluntary organizations.The Integrated bar associations are also known as the mandatory or unified bar associations.The Integrated bar is qualified by the particular state's highest court to establish rules for admission and conduct. The Voluntary bar associations, choose their own social and educational purposes but do not follow a particular pattern for the practise of law.The American Bar Association is an example of a national voluntary bar association,consisting of largest memberships.Another voluntary association is the Federal Bar Association.Student bar associations exist for the benefit of the law students.