Most of us have used the terms Lawyers and Attorneys interchangeably.But the definition of these terms varies in countries.

In the US,there is no difference between lawyers and attorneys.Since they follow a united legal profession,there is no difference between people who try cases in court and those who don't.But in other countries there is a clear distinction between these 2 terms.

In other countries like Canada,England and Australia ,the terms solicitors and barristers are used commonly.A lawyer in Canada is known as a solicitor or barrister ....they are either a civil law notary in quebec or one who is invited to the bar.In Australia,these are people who are employed in this profession if they are educated as a lawyer or undertaken employment.In England there is a huge variation for addressing these people.When we use the term lawyers in England,we generally mean barristers,licensed conveyances,legal executives etc.