Bernard MadoffThe lawyers of 3 british companies Edwin Coe,Bristows and Speechly Bircham had joined up and attended the initial meeting of the Madoff Case which was held in Madrid.In addition to these British companies,there were lawyers from nearly 21 countries to attend this meeting on Feb 16.These lawyers indeed represent investors,several banks as well as public organizations.

The 3 firms by joining a world alliance in order to represent the claimants who have lost in the $50 billion fraud case of Bernard Madoff(in picture),who is an American Broker.Many investors have been terribly hit..…. they range from people who have invested a small amount to a huge amount. This has been the first time that lawyers from different countries have united in order to find a solution for a global problem.

This alliance has been coordinated by the Spanish law firm Cremades Calvo-Sotelo, in order to represent the three million people who might have lost their money in the fraud.