Mar 3, 2009

Tort Law

Tort LawUsually individuals or groups file personal injury laws if they have been injured as a consequence of another person’s negligence. These laws are classified under the category of civil law and are also addressed as torts. Those areas which cover the aspects of laws and law suits are known as Tort Law. Thus most of the law suits which are filed for personal injury is categorized as Tort Law.

The main goal of Tort Law is to obtain the money lost during damages. These damages might be indirectly for the cases of lost income, to compensate for pain as well as suffering and in some cases for the reimbursement of medical expenses that the victim suffered due to their injury. In rare cases, the victim might even seek for imprisonment for the person who caused the damage.

There are three broad categories of Tort law: Intentional, Negligent and Strict liability torts. The main task of a personal injury attorney is to determine in which of these categories the injury falls.