Mar 16, 2009

Negligent Tort

Negligent TortThe other type of tort is negligent tort, which is a common type of tort,which is not done intentionally. Negligent torts occur due to negligent behavior by a person, and the injury might be caused to due to lack of performance of duty with diligence. Some examples of tort laws include damaging the glasses of a vehicle such a car or bike while playing cricket.A driver causing a bike accident by failing to obey the traffic laws may be considered negligent due to careless driving .He is responsible for the damages caused to the other person. Even some unethical medical practices can be categorized as negligent torts.

In order to prevail in a negligence action, the affected or injured party needs to prove that the other party who had a duty of being careful, did not be careful and that the failure to maintain such reasonable care resulted in injuries to the aggrieved party.To sum up, negligence can be said as injury caused due to one‘s failure to perform their duties with exceptional care.