Lately, business courses are being offered at several large firms with the goal of strengthening management skills.This step has been taken due to the extensive declining profits occurring in law firms for more than a year.Consequently there exists a symbiotic relationship between the law firms and the business schools.A number of law firms are enrolling their lawyers in business schools for improving their management skills.In return the business schools co-operate by creating apt new programs for lawyers.

Harvard University has initiated a education program at Harvard University that guides lawyer managers to lead law firms. The Boston University offers a mini MBA program for members of the members of the Washington D.C.based Association of Corporate Counsel.There are other universities also following this pattern. Georgetown University McDonough School of Business will start a business program soon for a huge global firm. George Washington University in association with the Hildebrandt Institute runs a degree program in law firm management.

Scores of law firms have now understood the importance of training their lawyers in management skills.