The Clean Air Act is the law formulated in order to ensure that all people have air that is safe to breathe. Public health safety is the primary goal, though the law also protects the environment from harm that is caused by air pollution. This law assists in reducing smog as well as air pollution in general.The effort of the government in order to ensure a clean environment has also led to improved health conditions of people,indirectly leading to longer life spans.

The Clean Water Act was is the law formulated in order to eliminate water pollution.This act is also popularly known as the Federal Water Pollution Control Act and was formulated in the year 1972.The main purpose of this act was to ensure that no pollutants were being discharged into the rivers,thus providing a secure environment for fishing as well as swimming.There were some sections of the law which was devoted to the wetlands,as they act as filtrations and help in straining any detrimental pollutants from water.