Well though here,we concentrate on just the myths which indirectly highlights the cons of this career, it is just with the intention of eliminating certain myths for those willing to pursue a career as a lawyer.On a positive note, this profession is a highly respectable one and specially apt for those with abundant talents and willing to bring about justice in the society through their profession:

One of the best methods to be successful in any career is to have an understanding of the pros and cons of any career. The career of law is such that most people who enter this career have developed several myths in this field.The following are a few of them:

The career is the one of the best methods to obtain financial success:
Most of the large law firms require lawyers to work around 50 to 60 hours a week.
Eventually when one divides the monthly salary into the number of hours worked, the salary received does not seem so satisfactory. Highly paid jobs are obtained while working on large law firms but unfortunately these law firms represent a very small percentage. Most of the lawyers are employed in extremely low paying firms and the government.

A person with excellent arguing skills can make a good lawyer:
This is a popular myth occurring in the minds of most people. Though good arguing skills could help to some extent, the most essential aspects for being a good lawyer is to possess the skills to convince the judge, jury and the audiences through collection of well researched facts. Oral advocacy and writing skills are the major skills required for pursuing the career.

A lawyer's profession is extremely challenging:
Unlike what most people usually believe, a lawyer’s profession could be entirely dreary and repetitive. Specially in large firms, new lawyers are expected to perform tasks such as document review including routine research.