Copyright LawHistorically before the existence of copyright laws, any documents and literary works could be copied without even obtaining the consent of the author. In many cases,ironically large profits were obtained when reprints were made.In many cases, these profits crossed the prices of the original copy itself.

Eventually by 1886,copyright laws evolved internationally and re-established again in 1952.In the present day,there are clear cut guidelines with regards to copyright laws. Most professionals who are involved in producing original works consider copyright as an important step in protecting their originality.

Before the existence of copyright laws,most of the people who were involved in the printing field found a dire need to preserve their original works.Due to this,legislation was passed in the 18th century in England ,which provided the facility to retain one’s works.In addition copyright laws enforced that permission needs to be taken in order to copy anyone’s works.

Thus the term "copyright" is associated with the individual rights of the works created by journalists, website designers, photographers,hi-technology etc.