A new law has been passed in Canada concerning tobacco growers.The House of Commons passed a bill regarding the US grown burley tobacco which would eliminate the Canadian market for United States. Burley tobacco is a variety usually blended with additional types of tobacco and mixed with chemical flavors to make its weird taste more smooth.

The Canadian bill's followers revealed that C-32 would avoid the manufacturing of candyor fruit-flavored mini-cigars or cigarillos that are focused at children.In 2007, nearly 25 percent of Canada’s 15 to 17-year-olds smoked one of these cigarillos, said Colin Carrie, parliamentary secretary for Canada's minister of health.Colin Carrie expressed in a statement before passing the Bill on June 17th that altering the Tobacco Act could prevent more youth people from experimenting with an addictive substance.

But the new law which could be disastrous for US tobacco farmers expecially for those farmers in Kentucky,eastern Tennessee where Burley Tobacco is grown extensively.

Kevin Leonard,one of the farmers in Washington County firm has this to say "Ive had to tackle several problems during my 40 years of growing tobacco.Problems of weather,which is usually of extremes.Now there has been the regulation of tobacco by the Food and drug Administration.Lately the new bill passed in Canada has caused bigger problems for my farm."