Seat Belt LawSeveral states in USA have been witnessing major accidents,one of the major causes being that the victims were not wearing seat belts at the time of the incident.

Seat belts usually guard you from being thrown from a vehicle. If you are thrown from a vehicle your risk of death is much larger .By guarding you in your seat, a seat belt safe guards you from being thrown into others in the car as well as parts of your car.Additionally,seat belts ensures that the driver is in their seat so they can control the car.

In the previous situations in Florida,seat belt ticket could be given by officers only if the driver was caught for any other office.But from now onwards,seat belt law enforces that the driver who is not wearing a seat belt will be charged for a primary offense.This new law will prevent several injuries as well as fatalities.

FHP(Florida Highway Patrol) held that all front seat passengers must wear a seat belt, and any passengers younger than 18 must wear them,irrespective of where they are seated.Children belonging to 3 years and younger should be in a federally approved child restraint device, while children in the age group of 4 and 5 must be in a seatbelt, detached carrier or built-in childseat