,The independent organization on the best law firms has disclosed the rankings assigned to the best Hawaii Corporate law firms for Mar 2010. Corporate law focuses on the laws and regulations relating to chief corporations and the parameters of their business functions as well as processes.

The conclusion was obtained by means of a skilled research team who evaluated nearly thousands of applicants. They reviewed the company’s awareness and experience in the field of business law in Hawaii.

Following is the list of top Hawaii corporate attorneys for March 2010 :

1. Suemori and Associates, A Limited Liability Law Company
2. Winer Meheula and Devens, LLP
3. Gelber, Gelber, and Ingersoll, A Law Corporation
4. Poelman and Langa
5. Harlan Y. Kimra Attorney At Law, A Law Corporation
6. Char Hamilton Campbell and Yoshida, Attorneys at Law, A Law Corporation
7. Colin K. Kurata Counselor at Law
8. Char Sakamoto Issii Lum and Ching
9. Oliver, Lau, Lawhn, Ogawa and Nakamura,Attorneys At Law, A Law Corporation
10. Reuben S. F. Wong