The French government announced formally lately that all cars must carry a single-use breathalyzer kit from July 1st.

The move, which has been extensively reported for some time, was made official in a decree on February 28th and published on March 1st.

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The decree, published in the official gazette stated that every driver of a motorized land vehicle, excluding mopeds, ought to possess an unused and immediately available breathalyzer. Transport ministry officials stated that the rule would be relevant equally to vehicles from outside France.

July and August are hectic months on the French roads as millions of French people and tourists head for their holiday destinations.

A fine of €11 ($15) will be charged to any person not carrying the breathalyzer kit, but police have been told to commence fining only from November 1st.The fresh law is the most recent attempt to reduce France's road accident rate.

Approximately 4,000 people died on French roads in 2011, an exceptionally minor improvement on the figure for the year before.

Drunken driving is believed to be accountable for one in three road deaths. The government hopes having a kit in the car will enable people to test themselves and will give them the means to test others if they suspect they are over the limit.